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Premiere HGH/Anti Aging Formula

 is the precise method of selecting, preparing, processing, sequencing and extracting the medicinal value from the nutrition. Fortunately, this formula that you are interested in was prepared by a Master Herbalist. It was expertly completed with the trade secret, double processing method known as Alpha Trisequelene™.

 is the ONLY formula using this powerful method. Reference is repeatedly made to this on our site as we cannot overemphasize the importance of it. What it means to you the consumer? You are empowered with a strong, safe formula that will help you achieve your health and wellness dreams.

Doc Wellness Supplement™ Ingredient List

Here is a summary of the ingredients and expert explanations:


Epimedium Grandiflorum is a rare and potent anti aging herb which stimulates the pituitary gland and strengthens the kidneys and adrenals. It also stabilizes heart rhythm and greatly raises energy. Commonly used to enhance the libido as well. Has been shown to lower the blood pressure in laboratory tests.
Ziziphi Spinosae is used to strengthen the spleen, improve digestion, nourish the Qi (or energy of the spleen) and to moderate the action of all ingredients. It is considered the “harmonizer” of this alternative medicine, HGH formula.A certain portion of this herb is used in the treatment of diabetes if specially prepared. Additional qualities include nourishing the heart and is used for the treatment of insomnia, irritability, and anxiety.
Artemisia is used to stabilize the endocrine system and the mesodermal tissue. It is also being researched as an HGH stimulator. Laboratory testing has shown this herb to have strong anti-viral qualities as well.
Motherwort is a spleen tonic which helps to strengthen the immune system. Motherwort helps support the blood in terms of blood factors such as hemoglobin.
Condurango Bark is one of the unique herbs in the alternative medicine Materia Medica. It is used to detoxify the cell, “open” the cell membrane and direct the substance to the areas where the body can maximize the effect. No other known substance has this effect. The correct species is a must, as only one species of this herb has these medicinal values.
Ginkgo Biloba has the remarkable ability to increase blood circulation and oxygen levels to the brain tissue, pituitary gland, and cerebral areas. Ginkgo also increases the brain’s electrical activity and prevents platelet aggregation inside arterial walls. Ginkgo is a powerful ally with 2 other specially prepared ingredients.

Amino Acids

doc wellnessness hgh plus the best

L-Arginine and L-Lysine have been shown to demonstrate an anti-aging synergist effect as it relates human growth hormone (HGH). According to studies, researchers discovered that the combination of the 2 is 20 times more effective as a releaser together.

L-Ornithine is a powerful amino acid and lipotrophic (fat burner) which adds to the body reshaping effect of this anti-aging formula. It is also a proven hGH releaser when used in proper combination with other ingredients. L-Glutamine is another powerful amino acid which has been shown to be an anti aging growth hormone releaser. Studies have shown that at a precise dose, Glutamine can raise levels more than 4 times.

Other Ingredients

Other Anti Aging Ingredients from the World of Alternative Medicine
Flush Free Niacin. This B-vitamin has been shown to elevate human growth hormone levels over 4 fold. It is in a safe, flush free form which has been shown to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides as well.

Mucopolysaccharide: This herbal aloe vera derivative is arguably the strongest natural immune stimulator available.

Kelp is considered “food” for the thyroid and rich in minerals and trace minerals.

Homeopathic Pituitarium post. 30x is used and shown to be effective based on the proven principle of “like heals like.” There is complete safety and purity in Pituitarium post. 30x for there are no glandulars or animal products within the formula. Only the healing and rebuilding properties remain.

Rice Vinegar and Soy Seed Oil are the carrier solutions. A well-known neurologist and neurosurgeon presented information stating that “rice vinegar and soy seed oil are the most effective carrier solutions for herbal or nutritional substances.”

Tinctures are well documented to be the most effective means of delivery for herbs and nutritional substances.

Summary: The keys to the creation of this premiere formula, Doc Wellness supplement™ are:

  • correct species of herbs used 
  • processing method
  • exact part of the herb and correct dosage

Everything must be done precisely. Some of the herbs, for example, have 14 different species. Fortunately, I am a Master Herbalist and know exactly what and how much to use. That is why my formula is so effective for you.”

Dr. David Orman 

** Special note: In 2013, our formula Hgh Plus became known as Doc Wellness supplement. This was due to changes in labeling requirements as per the FDA. We did change the name, but that is all we changed. The formula is the same. No ingredients have changed at all. Again, only the name is different. Alternative medicine is always changing and we are one of the very few leaders in this area who adjust accordingly.



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