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Unsolicited, passionate, satisfied comments from Customers of  Doc Wellness Supplement™


The ages of our customers range from 30 to 83, male and female, from around the globe.

Dr. Ormans Doc Wellness Supplement™ is used by:

  • Endorsed by Black Belt Hall of Fame Members such as Sensei Ray Doucette

  • Endorsed by Harvard-trained neurosurgeon, Dr. Fariss Kimbell

  • Best selling item of its kind all over the globe including South Africa, Japan, Hong Kong and many others

  • Hollywood star, Jay Tavare

If you ever decide to move I beg that you go to Australia. Your help and information and formula have made my life so much better. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you David.”

Ellie, Melbourne, Australia


I received yet another heartfelt, touching testimonial from loyal customers. She asked to keep the details private, as it was very emotional. Know that we help people, even if they are suffering greatly. There is always hope.

Dr. David Orman 



My name is Jay Tavare, I am an actor and a writer who has had a career that expands over 15 years in Hollywood.

I’m best known for my roles in Award winning movies such as Adaptation, The Missing and Cold Mountain, I have also known for action films such as Pathfinder, and Street Fighter where I portrayed Vega That was the first time I tried HGH Plus™. I noticed the effect immediately, deeper sleep, leaner body, more energy.

I recently ran the LA Marathon on May 25th I was doing this to raise awareness and much-needed money for my Charity of choice Adopt a Native Elder Program.

I had only 6 weeks to prepare for the 26.2 miles run and my right knee did not feel 100% healed from a recent stunt injury I am known for doing all my own stunts in my films As I did in season finale of CSI Miami last year, when I jumped out of a 23 story building dropping 200 feet!!!!!

The Doc Wellness Supplement™ healed my knee fast enough that I managed to run the race at sub 4:00 hours pace and to finish in the top 4000 runners out of 17,000 people who started the race!

I like to end by saying this product really works and that is the bottom line! That is why I still use this amazing formula as part of my preparation before and during filming.

Jay Tavare


My first customer this morning informed that after having a heart attack and then losing half his liver to a Pharmaceutical drug he decided to take his health into his own hands. He has been taking our Doc Wellness Supplement for years now and his Standard Care doctor during his last visit asked if he was still on our formula.answer told him not to stop taking it whatever is in the product has improved your entire system and he can’t explain why.

Lisa Leitl, speaking with long time customer, Fred Oldfield of MA


To All Who Read This, Know that I was deathly ill. Aside, I am ashamed to say I considered ending it all for good. The physical and emotional pain was too much for me. I looked all over for help and found none until one day I posted a question and received an answer from dear David. I thought is was odd at first but decided to try his suggestion.

For the first time in a long time, I felt better. I also felt hopeful. Next up was a purchase of his Doc Wellness product. After 15 days I felt like a new being. At last life was worth living. I have since been consuming the formula for 6 months now and am looking fit and feeling oh so well.

Thank you David.

-Name Withheld


WOW! You are now looking at the #1 fan of this formula. It has changed the way I look and the way I feel. Both are great now. Such a mega difference from where I started. One I found Doc Wellness Supplement™ and signed up for some coaching, my entire outlook changed. Best of the all my entire results changed. Thank you David. You are brilliant!

Raj, NY

I have used this product, Doc Wellness Supplement™ for about 10 years and love the results.

Recently I had dental surgery and had to cease all supplements, including Doc Wellness Supplement™. I was off the product for close to a month and even though I was fully healed in 2 weeks, I did not feel like myself. I did not have the energy I was accustomed to and felt a little dull inside of myself. That is the only word I can think of to describe the feeling.

When I was given the okay by my dentist to begin my supplements again, I noticed an immediate result. My energy came back within 2 days and my insides felt brighter, again the only way to describe it.

I love the ingredients and the safety of this product and always having my questions answered immediately by Dr. Orman or Lisa.

I will continue to use this fat loss formula as I feel it is a very supportive addition to my well-being, stamina and a general feeling of positive energy.


Shelli Blair


Dr. Orman,

I can’t thank you enough for the information I have received through your blog and your consultation. I was previously unaware of natural medicine and health. I have a strong family history of migraines. I began developing migraines over the past several years. The severity continued to increase until I was getting headaches nearly every day; some of them were impacting my daily functioning. After eliminating artificial sweeteners from my diet, the frequency that I get headaches has decreased greatly.

After reading through many of your blog postings I have switched to natural and organic lotions, soaps, etc. I have also made other diet changes toward organic and whole foods. I have noticed many positive benefits from these changes. I feel better and have more energy. Thank you again for sharing your wealth of information. It has made such a positive impact in my life!

Christine Reilly



There are few times in my life when I could point to the exact moment when my health and life in general, significantly improved. The day I started on Hgh Plus was one of them. Kevin Sloan, New York

I ordered a 3 month supply of Doc Wellness Supplement™ and just finished my first bottle. If it is the product or just in my head but I have to say it is working! My muscle mass is increasing and I am sleeping better, seem to be in a much better mood all the time, bags under eyes are almost gone and skin seems in a much better condition. At 45, I feel like 30 at this point! Patrick Bonfigt, Florida

I have been taking Doc Wellness Supplement™ since almost the very beginning, some 7 1/2 years ago or so. I am 79 years old and can say that this formula has saved my life. I may still have lived this long but not with this type of quality of life. I am most grateful to Dr. Orman for his wisdom and help and for providing the truth about HGH. James Durmin, Pompano, FL

I’ve been taking Dr. Orman’s formula for about three weeks now and I love it!. I am so energized without feeling nervous. My skin is softer and less dry. This stuff is amazing. . . Nicole, Baton Rouge, LA

I have tried several growth hormone products on the market and none delivers like Hgh Plus™. It is without a doubt the most impressive one available today. Dan Carrara, Florida

I am a black belt in kenpo karate and train or teach 6 days per week. Although I consider myself to be physically fit, I still had noticeable love handles no matter how much I trained, or how many sit ups I did. Since I started taking Doc Wellness Supplement™, I have lost over 22 pounds and 2 inches off my waist in 10 weeks, without dieting! I have not changed my workouts or eating habits, and I don’t have hunger pangs before meals. Aside from the visible results, I have also noticed that overall I have much more energy and am no longer tired in the middle of the day. I lost weight for the first time with Doc Wellness Supplement™. The amazing thing to me was I accomplished this without additional exercising. Doc Wellness Supplement™ is a life-saver. At least, the truth about hgh. Sensei Ray Doucette Gold Coast Kenpo Karate Oakland Park, FL

This formula is the most advanced, powerful and useful human growth hormone releaser that I have ever seen. My patients have prospered significantly using Hgh Plus™. I would recommend it without hesitation. Dr. F. Kimbell Harvard-trained Neurosurgeon

Dear Doctor Orman, Thanks to Dr. Orman’s formula, I am no longer a slave to diets! I have been eating moderately and have lost 15 pounds over the last 2 months. My energy seems to be so much higher and I no longer feel like I need a nap in the middle of the day. I just feel great all over! I told several of my friends about Doc Wellness Supplement™.

Lee , Lake George, NY

Dr. Orman, After reading about the profound benefits that growth hormone can deliver, I had to give Doc Wellness Supplement™ a try, but I must say that I was a bit skeptical. I have taken quite a few supplements in the past that did not deliver, but I am writing to tell you that this formula is very different. I began feeling good about things; that is the best way that I can describe the overall feeling after taking the product for about a week. I was no longer depressed or anxious. I have been taking the product for about 3 weeks now and my energy is much greater than it was before. I feel stronger and more alert and all this makes me feel younger which in turn, makes me very happy. . . which is why I am writing to you to say thanks and to tell you to please continue to make Hgh.Plus™ available for everyone.

Fred Johnson, Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Orman, Just a note to let you know how much Doc Wellness Supplement™ has helped me. After using it for about a month now, I have noticed a big improvement in my energy level no longer get that pooped feeling in the afternoon. Also, I have lost some extra weight around the midsection..Thanks again for a wonderful product. Patrick Hurley, Boca Raton, FL

Dr. Orman, As you know, from years of using Prednisone for my lung illness, my skin became extremely thin and dry and I had problems with it ripping at the slightest scrape. I have been using Hgh Plus™ just under 2 months, and I find that my skin is stronger, tighter and generally in better condition. I scraped myself against a shelf in the refrigerator, one that would have previously torn my skin, and now it did nothing. My skin was so dry and loose if I pinched a bit of skin together, it strayed there for a while before going back. Now it no longer does that! And the dry lines are definitely lessening on my arms. Thank you for Plus™. I look forward to many more happy surprises. Janet Perry, New York

I have been using David Orman’s Doc Wellness Supplement™ with my clients for the past 3 years. Everyone who has used David’s formula has gotten great results. Some of the benefits experienced have been increased energy and endurance, greater mental clarity and a general sense of well-being. None of my clients experienced side-effects or adverse reactions. I highly recommend Doc Wellness Supplement™. Please feel free to call me with any questions at 516-725-8131. Mary Beth Armstrong, L.Ac. Sag Harbor, NY

Doc Wellness Supplement™ is a wonderful product, and I look forward to the benefits of using it long-term.  I tried Doc Wellness Supplement™ for 1 month, and was amazed!  I lost 12 lbs. last month and I have tons more energy than before.  This product has had a positive effect on my entire physical being, from physical strength and muscle tone to hair and skin to even my mood and outlook have been impacted in a positive way even after only one month!  Wow!  It truly is a restoring product that turns back the clock and brings new life.  Thank you for inventing it and making it available to the general public.  What a blessing!  May the Lord bless you in all that you do!

Thanks so much,

Amy Abbott

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