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“I am a competitive triathlete and marathoner, having been in these sports for over 2 decades. The one thing that I hate to do is train in the gym. I love running outside or swimming or biking, but not the gym.

Having said that, I knew that at my age, I needed to reduce body fat and be aware of my skeletal system (osteoporosis). Dr. Orman introduced me to Doc Wellness Supplement™. After less than 2 months, I was stunned at the results.

The one thing that jumps at me is how much more muscle I added. In addition to significantly reducing body fat, my muscles are much more defined and my strength is greatly improved. Fat loss was pronounced.

Along with a few Active Wellness Coaching sessions, adding Doc Wellness Supplement™ was THE key to improving my health. Another thing that jumps out is that I have not had allergies or any type of sinus problems in some time now.

I am extremely thrilled with the results and would highly recommend the product.”

Jane Ducey, Orlando, Fl

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