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Anti Aging Press Release
by Harvard-Trained Neurosurgeon,
Dr. Fariss Kimbell

Well-Known Health Practitioner Creates Must Have Anti-Aging Formula

What do pro athletes such as a   5-time world powerlifting champion, Black Belt Hall of Fame members and thousands of people from all walks of life have in common?  Doc Wellness Supplement™ (formerly Hgh Plus™ ), Dr. Orman’s human growth hormone releaser.

Doc Wellness Supplement™ is an all-natural formula created by Dr. David Orman. Dr. Orman was inundated with requests for a substance called Human Growth Hormone or hGH because of an eye-opening article published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. The crux of the article stated that growth hormone can do the following:

  • Reduce body fat without dieting
  • Improve muscle mass without exercise
  • Enhance libido
  • Improve memory
  • Strengthen the cardiovascular, skeletal and respiratory systems and
  • May be the Most Effective Anti-Aging therapy of all time!

For such a conservative, well-respected medical journal to make such statements about growth hormone certainly caught many people’s attention, including Dr. David Orman. After much painstaking research and effort, testing and so much more, an all natural substance was created that allowed the pituitary gland (located within the brain which produces hGH) to be stimulated and release its own human growth hormone. People did not need injections or a prescription and best of all, it is about 1/20 the price of the prescription medication. But does it work?

Clinical trials were performed on Doc Wellness Supplement™ and showed the product to be highly effective and very safe, raising IGF-1 (a marker for human growth hormone) a whopping 89% in a short period of time!

Dr. Orman was asked about creating the formula and replied, “My patients wanted something safe and affordable. At the time, nothing was on the market which satisfied our high standards. Now after so much research and time, Doc Wellness Supplement™ is setting the standards. My patients are thrilled, as am I.”

It is a pleasure to see one of my colleagues contributing to this expanding health field in such a favorable way. Anti-Aging medicine is rapidly coming to the forefront and this formula, Doc Wellness supplement™ is leading the way and expanding the world of both Anti Aging Medicine and overall to the world of Alternative Medicine. With the skyrocketing costs of healthcare, it is imperative that we teach our patients to take care of themselves. Nutrition, diet, exercise and of course, this supplement is the way to go about this life altering task. It is the only way to truly make a different in the suffering and the overall life of our patients. As the old saying goes, start to dig the well before you are thirsty.

For more information, go to their site at OR, the authoritative sites on growth hormone and Natural medicine. You can also find him on Twitter ( In addition to this wonderful fat loss product, David has a host of other powerful, personal services that are available. I would strongly encourage each of you to explore these and take advantage of these life changing sessions.