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. . . Traditional Chinese and Natural Wellness principles. You can connect directly with him through the Virtual Doc Wellness Visit.

Dr. Orman will assess your current health situation or challenge and create a comprehensive treatment program as unique as you are. At Doc Wellness World, we treat you, not a disease.

This simple process grants you access to Dr. Orman’s wealth of health restoring knowledge and experience.

You’ve reached the ORIGINATORS of the Virtual Clinic and Virtual Doctor’s Visit where you get to talk with Dr. David Orman!  

Started in 2004, we remain the leaders in Virtual Wellness. This innovative approach to treatment allows for privacy, personalized care and results-oriented approaches to regaining or improving your overall health.

Simply by filling out a questionnaire prior to your appointment, Dr. Orman will then be able to design a plan of action using safe all natural treatments to assist you in achieving your wellness goals.

Live the life you have been wanting, especially now that you have found the expert to help you get your health back!

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