In my career of treating 1000s of patients, I have found that 2 out of 3 supplements they take are not good for them!

And patients are missing some of the most valuable ones for improving their health!

  • Most people choose a supplement based on what they read, not what they need. In other words, the motivation is based on MARKETING, not WELLNESS.
  • In my experience, I have found that 2 of every 3 supplements are either wasted or are not healthy for individuals. Many are in conflict; that is, one absorbs the other OR "competes" for absorption.
  • Too many times, the most valuable supplement FOR YOUR SYSTEM is not being taken.

I'm am David Orman and I am an Expert in the Field of Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Natural Health.

Let me HELP YOU with Your Supplement Regimen.

Save Money. Get the Right Products. Improve your health!​

When you  Sign Up  for the Supplement Review Service, you will receive:

  • Detailed analysis of what supplements you should and should not take based on your chemisty, symptoms and what you wish to achieve such as fat loss, improved energy, better sleep patterns, enhanced immunity etc.
  • How to identify quality products.
  • Exact recommendations.
  • Follow up to ensure your goals are met.
  • PLUS. . . .FREE month entrance to Dr. Orman's Wellness School and other bonuses!

All of this WITHOUT any sales pitch Dr. Orman has worked with various companies and has his "favorites" but you are free to purchase any product from any place you wish. 

Get the BEST INFORMATION without product sales pressure. Best of all worlds!

The Average Person can Save around $925 annually

Best of all, people report feeling so much better, healthier, thinner, more energy and happier. 

"I can take specifics that Dr. Orman recommended and my stomach does not get upset. Plus I feel great finally!"  

Mary K.

It has been reported that the information in the FIELD OF NUTRTION DOUBLES every 3 YEARS.

It is a huge challenge for Nutrition Experts to keep up with this growing field. It is virtually impossible for the average person who works, raises a family and is so busy with other tasks to keep up with all this information.

Take the Pressure off.

supplement review

Let ME do all the work for you!

Over my 25 plus years in the field of Natural Health, I have treated literally 1000s of patients from all walks of life. Men and women, ages 8 to 88 from all parts of the globe have sought my help.

This is the type of experience I will bring for you!​

But Why Do I Need Any Help?!

Why do you go to a dentist when there are issues with your teeth? Or get a plumber to help with the sink? You hire the experts who are trained in specific areas.

I am an Expert in the field of Natural Medicine. It is this type of "hands on" expertise that you simply cannot get from a book. And not even from Google. Experience must be gathered from working with people, seeing their struggles, frustrations and pains and getting them into wellness. 

When it comes to health, you cannot risk taking advice from an amateur.



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