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The Heart of the Matter: Part 1

The heart is the center of thecardiovascular system and a huge component of the immune system. It is a hollow, muscular organ that is about the size of a fist, and beats over 100,000 time per day, pumping some 1800 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels. It has a multitude of functions including:

1. Governs the blood and controls the blood vessels. If they are strong, a person’s constitution is considered strong

2. The heart is said to manifest in the complexion. The amount of blood flow is reflected in the complexion and is often used as a diagnostic tool.

3. The heart houses the mind. Memory, creative thinking, sleep and emotions such as joy and sadness are under the control of the heart. Depression is often alleviated by providing strong nutrition for the heart. Dream disturbed sleep is a direct reflection of an imbalance in the heart.

4. Here is an odd one. The heart is said to “open” into the tongue. The tongue is an “offshoot” of the heart and a number of dental related problems are actually heart-based problems.

In any given year, 1.2 Americans will experience a heart attack. They are both preventable and identifiable. There are 3 main blood tests that are outstanding in terms of identifying risk factors. (Hint: Cholesterol is not one of them.) Next week, we will cover these tests. The following week, we will provide the ideal protocol for prevention.

Women do not need to worry about this as it is a “male disease,” correct? Think again. Women are more likely to experience atypical heart attack symptoms than men are. We will also cover the whys and the prevention

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