The NFL is Destroying Itself and How This Affects Your Health

The NFL (National Football League) is in trouble. The signs of decay are present. It has lost over 2 million viewers this past year alone according to the Wall Street Journal. The first 2 weeks saw a decline in attendance and viewership is 11% lower – a huge, unthinkable number just 4 years ago.

They have no idea why. The hypotheses and guesses are somewhere between grasping straws and outright foolishness. The reason people are walking away from the NFL is politics.

Football is for entertainment. It is a pastime. Americans can handle the stresses and strain of politics Monday through Friday, but weekends are a different story, particularly Sundays. For many, it is a day of worship, a time for family, some R&R or some combination of these 3. The NFL has allowed politics to creep into the mix and that was the proverbial straw that is breaking the NFL’s back. The few who are protesting the National Anthem are to blame. Agree or not, they are the ones primarily responsible.

From a Natural Health perspective, constant bombardment of negativity “attacks” the liver. We are inundated with harsh comments from social media, often outright lies from mainstream media, fear mongering pharmaceutical commercials from TV and now, football. The liver is the organ that processes and filters — be it chemicals, toxins or in the above cases, negativity. The latter is as much energy as food, albeit in a different form.

When the liver becomes congested, it creates significant heat and inflammation. This in turns, “scorches” the heart (energy), resulting in a combination of sadness, frustration, and anger. Often, the anger becomes explosive. “I can take it. I can take it. I can take it. I cannot take it and BOOM!”

Over time, this also drains the overall energy of the body. In fact, in all of my decades in Natural Medicine, I have never heard so many people struggling with a lack of energy as now. As you can now see, it is understandable given the above factors.

What Can Be Done?

  • Keep computer usage to a minimum. Take the weekends off completely.
  • Limit TV use.
  • If you love sports, invite your friends over. The conversations you will engage in with your buddies are medicine in a way and certainly will be healthier than the ones on TV.
  • If energy is low, consider the use of the herb Atractylodes. It is an excellent Qi (energy) tonic and will also elevate your Spirits in a gentle and steady way. There are others too, depending upon your chemistry. You can learn about this and more in my online School. Click HERE for details.
  • Be in Nature. Mother Nature has healed more wounds than every drug or therapy ever created. Her joy is to bring you joy.

Invest in your happiness. It will be the best use of your energy . . .ever!


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