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The UnNamed Ones

I have always been a bit of a shy person, sprinkled in with introvert. Perhaps that is why I married my wife Lisa, Ms. Extrovert Extraordinare. Opposites may attract, but complimentary people stick together and make each other stronger. Such is the case… .

Today, we were doing our usual “hill training” near a lake in Oakland, FL. It is a series of challenging up and downs a relatively steep hill. Lisa finished a little before me and wandered off to the dock in search of alligator sightings. In the process, she struck up a conversation with Larry.

Larry is a fisherman whom I see virtually every Wednesday morning. We have exchanged greetings but rarely anything else. Today, I met Larry. I mean, really met him, thanks to Lisa. Today, he morphed from Larry-the-fisherman to Larry, a person.

It was quite a valuable lesson for me. A little extra effort, a bit of time and taking a step or 2 outside the comfort zone and magic happens – a nameless entity became a person. Given some time, I suspect the word “friend” will be in the mix.

Additionally, a typically expressionless fisherman smiled. I have seen him 101 times and never have seen him smile.  For the few minutes we spoke, Larry was a very happy man. I suspect Loneliness is a frequent visitor in his home, but today, Silence would be silenced as a most pleasant conversation served as the backdrop to the activity that was happening on the lake. Not surprisingly, the clouds faded away as the sun graced us with his presence.

There have been too many nameless people in my life. Too many missed opportunities to make a difference, if only for a minute or two.

Today, that cycle ended and the birth of a new way of being arose. No wonder the sun wanted to join us.

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