Things to Avoid After Eating

*Avoid Consumption of Fruit. When you eat your fruits with meals, it has a difficult time reaching the intestines. The small intestines in particular, cannot absorb the useful elements such as the vitamins. As such, it often causes bloating and digestive disturbances.

Correction: Wait at least 2 hours.

* Avoid tea, black or green. In general, teas are quite acidic. The elements in tea, along with the acidity makes it interact poorly with protein.

Correction: Drink tea a good hour afterwards if you wish.

* Avoid showers, baths or swimming. You probably knew the last one, but the first 2 are just as important. Water increases the flow of blow away from the stomach and other organs of digestion, thus weakening the ability to process foods.

Correction: Wait at least 2 hours.

* Avoid activity immediately after a meal. Activity after eating often results in digestive problems such as acid reflux and over time, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep and even back problems.

Correction: Wait 30 minutes and then activity, especially walking is actually encouraged. 

* Avoid Naps. Immediately after a meal, it is not advisable to sleep or take a nap. Digestion will be impaired which can lead to long term weight gain or even infections in the gut.

Correction: Wait at least 2 hours and be sure NOT to eat prior to bed at night.


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