Great information from the University of Thessaly which presents information about exercise and physical activity. In short, activity has a beneficial effect on depression which are comparable to anti-depressant drugs.

Doc’s Thoughts: This is quite a powerful statement. In my own life, I have noted that whenever problems arise, and I do something physical, things always seem to work out very well.

In Natural Medicine, problems (be they physical, emotional or psychological) are viewed as “stuck energy.” It would be akin to stopping a river and turning it into a lake. Think stagnation.

When you can turn the lake back into a river. . . when you can get the energy flowing in other words, healing takes place.

In summary, physical activity is a viable replacement for antidepressant medication. Combine this with a healthy diet and personalized nutritional program and you are well on your way to not only health, but IDEAL, OPTIMAL HEALTH!