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I received an excellent question from one of my readers in reply to the prior article on “Natural Detox.” The question was whether to use a wet sauna or dry sauna.

For those who many not know, as the name implies, “dry” saunas are simply rooms that have high temperatures, with no steam or moisture of any sort. Wet sauna have the high temperature but also include steam or some type of moisture as well.

To answer the question, WET saunas are much more preferred. In fact, I would go so far as to say that dry saunas should be avoided.

Each organ has a  preference and the lungs prefer a  moist condition. When dryness forms in the lungs, it can create potential problems from annoying coughing to serious infections. (That is just one of the seemingly infinite number of reasons that smoking is so harmful.)

In fact, in hot climates such as here in Florida, many of us spend a lot of time in air conditioned rooms. Often, the air has a tendency to become dry, often giving rise to lung irritation, congestion and other allergy-like symptoms. Humidifiers are highly recommended.

Foods that focus on the lungs are always moist by their nature and steaming foods (vegetables) always assists the lungs as well.

When in doubt, think moisture!

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