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What are Tabatas and Why I Love Them

For 20 seconds, run like you have a pack of pit bulls behind you while a big steak is in your back pocket.

For the next 10 second, lightly jog and recover.

Repeat 8 times.

Welcome to the world of Tabatas.

Tabatas are a high intensity training named after its founder, a Japanese reasearcher named Dr. Izumi Tabata. Created a few decades ago, it has become a popular training method both with athletes as well as those looking to either get in shape or lose weight.

Does it really work? The overwhelming research clearly points to a resounding YES. A recent review by the American Council on Exercise noted that this type of training did more for cardiovascular heath compared to virtually all others.  It should be noted that if you have cardio-related problems, you may wish to avoid this or at the very least, consult your cariologist prior to starting on a session.

Doc’s Thoughts: This is the best training method I have ever used. One caveat. . . it is brutal. Very challening. I typically start with 4-5 rounds and work my way up to 10-15. Vary what you do. For example, spriting, rowing, cycling, jumps etc. This gives you the greatest results.

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