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Why Detoxing Is Probably NOT Good For You

Today’s area of focus is the on detoxification diets. This is an area that over the years, I have done a 180 on. Having read all of the research and observed my patients, the vast majority of people should avoid such diets and protocols.

Most detox programs require the individual to complete a 3-21 day fast or partial fast. During this time, consumption of only specific juices, water or fruits are allowed. By doing this, advocates state that one cleanses the GI tract of chemicals and toxins, such as sugar, nicotine, alcohol and other chemicals and poisons that are stored in the colon and in the intestines. The problem with this theory is that it is 100% false.


Toxins and chemicals do not accumulate in our gastro intestinal tracts. Our systems are designed to detoxify itself, and in the vast majority of people, it does a very good job. (Cancer patients may be the exception to this.) Unless your diet is completely void of all fiber, your system removes the offending substances and they in fact, do not accumulate. People’s constitution fall into one of 2 basic categories – excess or deficient.

Excess people are loud, sweat profusely, have red complexions, are large and have too much energy (or should I say tooooooo much energy). An individual like Tony Robbins comes to mind as an example. Most people, particularly when they run into problems are deficient. Lack of energy, lack of concentration, fatigue, depression etc. Their system normally runs at 65 mph but is acting like it runs at 45mph, metaphorically speaking. They lack proper nutrition. They lack qi or energy.

Detox diets and substances are very draining. Systems that are weak to begin with, need to be tonified or strengthen, NOT further weakened. Next time you are considering Cascara Sagrata, a colon cleanser or something to this effect, there is a better way — build your system but so that IT is allowed to do the job it was created for.

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