Worst Book Ever and You Own It

It is the perhaps the most popular book in the world, and is the worst one ever written. It has solved problems, but in the process, created many more.

You own it.

I own it.

Go to any home and you will probably find it there.

It is the Dictionary.

On the one hand, this thick, popular text provides us with useful data. It corrects spelling and pronunciation. Lets us know if a word is a verb, noun, adjective etc. All helpful pieces of information, which allows us to communicate via the written word or verbally, in a commonly accepted fashion.

The problem lies in its main function – it defines the word for us; that is, it tell us what to think. The word “house” means this or “religion” means that.

By defining a word, it takes us from the beautiful, magical world of possibilities and lowers us into a finite number of choices. This word can only mean 1 or 2 or perhaps 3 things.

In the English language, there are approximately 660,000 words and yet our life is so far beyond these words and their limited meaning. Much of what is deep within our core cannot be expressed in writing or speeches. Within each of us is a metaphorical eagle, desiring to soar the vast skies. Definitions are the proverbial lion who is now caged.

I wonder what our lives would be like if each of us decided to go beyond the boundaries of defined words and live in pure freedom. I am not referring just to freedom as in free from government repression for example, but free from our own self-imposed limitations and definitions.

There are times in life when we do experience this concept. We meet that special someone and at moments, are engulfed in the sweet sound of silence. Those moments when an understanding is felt and words would simply lower the vibration into the world of the ordinary.

The world of the undefined.

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